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We are CCTV supply & providing high quality security systems. Since our establishment we have seen rapid growth in demand for our CCTV Cameras, CCTV Systems and related products. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products backed by excellent customer service. We are a customer oriented business who put emphasis on ensuring our customers are satisfied with the products and service that we provide, whether it be advice in choosing the right products through to the after sales assistance in dealing with CCTV system set up or general advice.

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Digital CCTV is dedicated to providing HIGH QUALITY CCTV system at AFFORDABLE PRICES. All of our packages include HARDWARE , SOFTWARE ,ACCESSORIES and FULL INSTALLATION.

CCTV stands for closed circuit television. This is also known as video surveillance system. It uses of video cameras to transmit signals to a specific place. The CCTV System has become a true and very powerful evidence to solve crimes and mysteries.Closed circuit television (CCTV) technology has brought to the world are plentiful and the benefits are endless.Still the question remains – Do I really need to install a CCTV system? If installed correctly and used responsibly, you will realize and accept the many benefits of CCTV camera systems.


Infrared night vision allows the CCTV cameras to see and record in the dark. The distance that this works at varies between cameras, so make sure you choose a CCTV kit with good enough night visibility for your surroundings

The capacity refers to the amount of storage the DVR has for saving footage. Once the hard drive is full, the oldest files get recorded over, so a larger hard drive allows you to view footage from further back – great if you travel or have a lot of cameras set up simultaneously.

CCTV picture quality is measured in TV-lines. This refers to the horizontal number of vertical lines across the image. The higher the number, the clearer and more detailed the picture, which is important if you’re recording a large space or a property from far away.

Along with the DVR, Our AHD CCTV cameras connect to your WiFi network. This means you can log in using your computer, tablet or smartphone and view a live feed from any of the cameras in your network – great for keeping an eye on your property while you’re away.

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